A variety of educational materials using the Atlas of Living Australia in K-12 classrooms have been provided. These activities are designed to cater to students from Foundation to Year 12, and teachers are encouraged to modify the lesson plans to suit their classes and local area.

Science Activities

The ALA classroom activities From Foundation through Year 8 guide teachers through suggested discussions with students, with the teacher initially demonstrating the Atlas to the class. The activities branch off from the discussion. From Years 9-12, the activities are set out under related topic headings. These activities form summaries of the topics using data in the ALA to provide local relevant examples. Though the students could use the User Guides themselves, we recommend the teacher demonstrate the use of the Atlas first.

Mathematics Activities

Representing data using tables and graphs is included in the Science Activities from Foundation to Year 8 listed above. However, below are some stand-alone Mathematics activities using the Atlas of Living Australia.