The ALA is Australia’s one-stop-shop for information on our diverse wildlife: you can look up facts, explore species in your area, and view images of species in the wild and specimens in museums. The ALA also enables you to make real contributions to biodiversity science: you can upload observations, help digitise museum collections, and set up your own community biodiversity projects.

Explore & contribute

Explore your area

Enter a street address, GPS   coordinates, postcode or place name to find out what species live near you.

Record a sighting

Upload your observations, identify species, and contribute to the ALA.

Australian iconic species

Browse Australia’s most recognisable species.



Contribute to science by transcribing historical museum records and images.


Create and run your own surveys, capture data in the field, and manage biodiversity, ecological and natural resource management data.

Citizen scientists and volunteers

As a citizen scientist or volunteer, you can contribute to the ALA in a few different ways.

Education professionals and students

The ALA’s open-source biodiversity infrastructure is an excellent classroom resource for biology and ecology, as well as data and technology subjects.